With few exceptions, if a loved one is killed or if you are injured on the job while working for another individual or entity you are entitled to compensation. Under the South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law, you may be entitled to compensation for lost wages during your recovery, necessary medical expenses, and any disability or disfigurement you suffer as a result of your injury. In workers’ compensation cases, you are not required to show that your employer was negligent in order to recover. Your own negligence does not bar recovery.

Our attorneys have obtained workers’ compensation benefits for more than a thousand injured workers. South Carolina Workers’ Compensation Law also applies to occupational diseases contracted as a result of employment. Your rights to compensation may be waived or barred if you do not comply with time limitations for providing notice to your employer and filing your claim.

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Fatal injuries sustained when the claimant was crushed between a scissor lift and a ceiling beam.


The claimant sustained catastrophic injuries, including a limb amputation, after falling approximately 10 feet from a conveyer onto the concrete below.


Claimant was driving a dump truck when he struck a bridge, resulting in him being ejected from the vehicle and sustaining severe injuries.


Claimant was electrocuted, resulting in severe brain injuries, impotency, behavioral changes, orthopedic injuries and chronic pain.


Severe and permanent injuries sustained (loss of right leg and rods placed in left leg) after being in a motor vehicle accident while on-duty.


Claimant fell from a ladder, approximately 7-9 feet high, resulting in a spinal fracture, left leg injury and a bilateral shoulder injury.


The results shown above were obtained by our attorneys. Many were obtained while our attorneys were working with another law firm. These results should not be considered a description or characterization of Parker Law Group, LLP’s representation. Nor should it be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result or outcome of a particular case. Each and every case is different. Please schedule an appointment to have one of our attorneys discuss your case with you.

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