Every day throughout South Carolina, and the country, people are injured or killed due to preventable medical errors. Commonly known as medical malpractice, such cases involve a doctor, hospital, or other medical provider deviating from the standard of care owed to all patients.

Our attorneys have successfully handled medical malpractice cases with issues ranging from failure to diagnosis cancer, failure to diagnosis and correctly treat an injury, failure to remove foreign objects used during surgery, improper prescription of medicine, improper chiropractor adjustment, and improper administering of anesthesia.



The plaintiff overdosed and lost an organ due to the pharmacy and/or pharmacist filling her prescription with a dose 10 times the amount prescribed.


The plaintiff, who was previously diagnosed with Schizoaffective Disorder, was prescribed a psychostimulant by the defendant which resulted in the plaintiff suffering a psychotic episode. During the plaintiff’s psychotic episode, the plaintiff gravely injured a loved one.


The plaintiff’s baby was delivered via c-section. Defendants failed to provide proper care when the plaintiff’s baby, shortly after delivery, suffered from respiratory distress syndrome.


The plaintiff suffered a stroke after the pharmacy and/or pharmacist filled a higher dose of blood thinner than was prescribed.


The decedent died as a result of a hospital failing to properly diagnose and treat the decedent.


The defendant failed to diagnose the plaintiff with cervical cancer that had metastasized to her lymph nodes despite receiving supporting lab reports and multiple physical exams of the plaintiff.


The plaintiff suffered permanent quadriparesis via severe disc herniation and flattening of the plaintiff’s spinal cord after several visits to defendants, who failed to properly evaluate and treat the plaintiff despite being repeatedly informed of the plaintiff’s symptoms.


A SCDC infirmary failed to properly treat the plaintiff after he was assaulted in a cell.


The plaintiff suffered an above-knee amputation due to the defendant’s delay in initial diagnosis and transport to another facility.


The plaintiff suffered a stroke after the defendants performed a forceful manipulation of her neck after the plaintiff refused due to the high levels of pain the plaintiff was experiencing in her neck.


The plaintiff sustained serious and severe injuries after the defendant's facility failed to properly care for the plaintiff, allowing the plaintiff to develop a pressure sore and pneumonia. Shortly after being admitted to a hospital, the plaintiff died.


The defendant failed to properly and timely diagnose the plaintiff with acute myocardial infarction, which resulted in the plaintiff’s death.


While a resident of the defendant’s facility, the plaintiff’s unborn child started going into distress. The defendant failed to properly monitor the fetal heart rate, and acknowledge the substantial change in the baby’s condition.


The results shown above were obtained by our attorneys. Many were obtained while our attorneys were working with another law firm. These results should not be considered a description or characterization of Parker Law Group, LLP’s representation. Nor should it be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result or outcome of a particular case. Each and every case is different. Please schedule an appointment to have one of our attorneys discuss your case with you.

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