Although roadway design has improved significantly over the past century, errors in design and construction still exist and often contribute to motor vehicle, bicycle and pedestrian accidents. Federal and state transportation guidelines stress the importance of design that is safe for road users. Safe design requires that road users have sufficient time to see, process and react to signal information. Local municipalities and state agencies are responsible for maintaining and controlling the public roadways in their jurisdiction and have a legal responsibility for dangerous or defective conditions that may exist on the roadways.

Having active cases in 20 of the 46 South Carolina counties, our attorneys have proven experience in cases against local municipalities, state agencies and contractors that have failed to correct or repair unsafe or defective road and traffic signals.

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Vehicle with multiple occupants ran off the roadway and lost control when the driver attempted re-enter the roadway due to an excessively high shoulder edge drop-off causing the vehicle to overturn. The occupants sustained severe, permanent injuries and fatal injuries.


Multiple vehicle occupants were fatally injured, while another suffered a traumatic brain injury, during a collision, which occurred as a result of a shoulder edge drop off on the roadway.


The plaintiff was paralyzed after her vehicle hydroplaned on the wet roadway, which caused the plaintiff to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in a collision.


Fatal injuries sustained when the decedent encountered water on the roadway, causing him to lose control of his vehicle, leave the roadway and strike a concrete fence post.


Fatal injuries sustained when the plaintiff’s motorcycle encountered a pothole, causing the plaintiff to lose control of his motorcycle and crash


Fatal injuries sustained when the vehicle in which the decedent was traveling encountered water in the roadway, causing loss of control of the vehicle, resulting in the vehicle leaving the roadway and overturning.


Excessive vegetation prevented a driver from seeing the plaintiff’s vehicle approach an intersection, causing a collision. As a result, the plaintiff sustained severe and permanent injuries.


Suddenly and without warning, the plaintiff spilled from his motorcycle when the road on which he was traveling made a sudden transition to an unimproved, rough, gravel surface.


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