Defamation is a false statement that injures a person’s reputation. False statements can be written (libel) or spoken (slander). Today, false information can be disseminated to millions with a few simple clicks and ruin a reputation within minutes. While most high-profile defamation lawsuits involve news organizations, defamation can also occur in more common situations, such as accusation of theft. Defamatory statements may negatively and permanently impact one’s business and personal relationships. A person or business that has suffered libel or slander may seek compensation from those responsible.

We have successfully tried defamation cases for clients falsely accused of political corruption, theft, infidelity and other inappropriate acts and crimes.



Insurance company defamed body shop by alleging to its policyholders that the body shop was inflating its prices and performing unnecessary work.


Radio station, and its host, defamed the plaintiff in writing, on-air and on the internet by calling the plaintiff a liar and a fraud. The plaintiff was publicly ridiculed and terminated from his job.


A coworker falsely accused the plaintiff of making threatening phone calls, making death threats, assaulting her and physically harming her. All accusations were false and fabricated, appearing to follow the movie plot Never Talk to Strangers.


Wrongful accusation of physical assault by a coworker made in retribution for the plaintiff rightfully reporting the defendant’s misconduct.


The plaintiff, a political figure, was harmed after the defendant sent defamatory emails about the plaintiff to multiple recipients. In the emails, the defendant accuses the plaintiff of misconduct, committing crimes, misappropriating funds, etc.


A news director falsely accused the plaintiff of numerous misdeeds, including adultery, public drunkenness, and defamation of a third party. All accusations were false and fabricated.


The results shown above were obtained by our attorneys. Many were obtained while our attorneys were working with another law firm. These results should not be considered a description or characterization of Parker Law Group, LLP’s representation. Nor should it be interpreted as a guarantee of a specific result or outcome of a particular case. Each and every case is different. Please schedule an appointment to have one of our attorneys discuss your case with you.

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