Parker Law Group attends Attorney’s Information Exchange Group (AIEG)

Several of our firm’s attorneys and paralegals are members of the Attorney’s Information Exchange Group (AIEG).  Members of this unique organization share information, documents and research with one another with one goal in mind, to be better advocates for their clients.

AIEG host several conferences and webinars annually, including the AIEG Paralegal Seminar.  Paralegals from our firm not only attend, but they actively participate as students, educators, writers, presenters, and mentors.  Besides education, this seminar promotes strengthening of knowledge, communication skills, team building, networking and friendships.

This year’s seminar was held in St. Petersburg, Florida and focused on trial preparation and procedures.  This 3-day event was an opportunity to share tips, procedures and documents, discuss organizational and legal software and programs, and network with like-minded professionals from all over the country.

Our paralegals are always learning, incorporating their knowledge and skills to be better champions for our firm and our clients